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The United Arab Emirates is actively developing its own medicine, which according to the UAE Ministry of health should become one of the most effective in the world.
Up to 3% of GDP is allocated for the development of the medical industry in the UAE. Experts predict that in the future this will make the Emirates an international center for medical tourism. Already, the UAE has one of the largest medical clusters in the world, with more than 180 medical centers.

Key benefits of treatment in UAE clinics:
Modern equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers.

The medical centers employ highly qualified specialists from Europe and the United States.

Most clinics have passed JCI international accreditation, which confirms the impeccable quality of medical services provided.

The quality of service in Abu Dhabi and Dubai clinics meets the highest international standards.

The UAE diagnostic centers offer a wide range of check-up programs. You can pass a preventive (General) examination of the body and a clinical check-up in separate directions, depending on the needs and wishes of the patient. The time of diagnostics depends on the selected program.

The most popular areas of treatment in the UAE among foreign citizens are: cardiology, Oncology, orthopedics, traumatology, sports medicine, dentistry, dermatology, urology and infertility treatment.

A video about diagnostics and treatment in the UAE is available at the link: https://youtu.be/4xsgKtSdr_g

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