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Dear members and partners of the International Women’s Union!!!

“I will never join the movement against war. Call me when there is a movement for peace” – the words of the nun, the words of Mother Teresa are in tune with my acceptance of peace!!!
And who, like us, women, beautiful, smart, kind, happy, are able to maintain peace and tranquility now.
There is a problem….. new, unknown, not predictable, and at the same time it is not worth fighting with it, hysteria, panic or “heroism” without paying attention to it. With this problem, you need to conduct a DIALOGUE, looking it in the face!!!! This is my personal opinion!!
Our example is important now to the world, our families, our friends, our colleagues, our parents, children, grandchildren, husbands, and finally!!!

I am sure that only by joining forces will we achieve positive results. In turn, I invite you to cooperate.

  • It gives me great pleasure to invite all of you to productive joint growth in the territories of our organization, where the world women’s community will come together to receive support aimed at the development of professional, social and cultural level, as well as to represent and protect common interests.
  • The international women’s Union is a globally oriented organization that takes full advantage of the opportunities associated with the promotion of women entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Our experience will give You a chance to be on top of knowledge accumulation, experience accumulation and exchange in a professional and at the same time friendly atmosphere.
  • We will solve the problems of modeling the future of our industries and beyond. This is the right opportunity in turbulent times to lead and realize the maximum possible female potential.
  • Professional platform “coli”, resources and experience provide a global platform that connects participants with the best solutions. This creates an unprecedented opportunity for international business, local systems collaboration and knowledge sharing to realize the concept of globality.

I look forward to the upcoming exchange of experiences and the opportunity to shake hands!!!

Amirova Alfiya

President of ” International Women’s Union”

Head of the International project ” By hands of a woman”

Organizer of the Business platform ” Woman of the third Millennium”
Official member of the AFAEMME
Honorary member of the Association “Humanity inside the war”(Italy)

Member of the Union of journalists of Russia.

Member of the Moscow Union of journalists .

Member of the International Federation of journalists.

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