ATLAS of Health group-co-organizer Of the international exhibition “Medical tourism”.

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We continue to talk about our partners.
Today we will tell you about the partner “International Women’s Union” and co-organizer of the International exhibition ” Medical tourism»
Atlas of Health group of medical tourism companies is a reliable guide in the field of healthcare.
ATLAS of Health group has been the undisputed leader in the Russian market for more than 10 years, working in the field of organizing a range of services in the field of Russian and foreign medicine.

Atlas of Health group:

  • 10 years in the medical tourism market
  • Partners in 25 countries
  • More than 100 implemented projects in the medical tourism industry:
    – medical marketing in different countries of the world;
    – international conferences and symposiums on the exchange of experience between doctors;
    – holding business breakfasts, round tables, seminars on promoting a healthy lifestyle.
On October 3, 2019 in Moscow, the Atlas of Health group of companies, in partnership with the Italian group Raphael, held an international seminar “New era in medical and surgical methods of cancer treatment” at the site of Delovaya Rossiya LLC.
The”International Women’s Union”  was a partner of the seminar and took an active part in the preparation of such an important event.
  • The group consists of several separate divisions:
    Atlas of Health – provides services to direct clients in the organization of diagnostics, treatment, recovery, prevention, rehabilitation and obstetric care in Russian and foreign clinics, resorts and research centers.
    Atlas of Health PR is a reliable guide for Russian and foreign medical and Spa institutions to the Russian and CIS markets. The search for new technologies, specialists, and clinics and their comprehensive support in the field of communication with potential clients is one of the most important and ambitious tasks. /
  • VipMedicalClub Is a completely new approach for VIP clients. Exceptional quality and comprehensive solutions for the creation of personal medical cases for the discerning customer.
  • AVcosmetica is a Korean premium-level cosmetics for hair care in the online space.
Anna Vasilets, President of Atlas of health group, takes an active part in the life of the International Women’s Union and is Vice President and Director of the Department of Medicine and tourism at the international women’s Union.
The main goal of Anna Vasilets ‘ activity in the International Women’s Union is aimed at preserving, maintaining the health and improving the quality of life of women.
ATLAS of Health group has developed modern and effective programs for treatment, diagnosis, recovery, and rehabilitation abroad and in Russia.
ATLAS of Health group organizes events to promote a healthy lifestyle: timely early diagnosis, innovative methods of treatment, rehabilitation, Wellness and rejuvenation programs. Participates in charity projects to help people who need high-quality medical services, but do not have financial resources. He considers it his duty to support people in difficult situations.
We are glad that Atlas of Health group is co-organizing the international exhibition “Medical tourism”, which will be held on October 15-17, 2021 in Moscow, VDNH. 55 pavilion.