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We present to your attention the participant of the International exhibition “Medical Tourism”.

Hungary will be represented at the International Exhibition “Medical Tourism”. Hungary will be represented by Global Menedzsment KFT

One of the most important missions of our company is to present to the world the history and cultural heritage of Hungary and its modern and developing economy, as well as the resources at our disposal,.

We want to present to people our most important natural and cultural heritage – our healing waters, our national parks, rivers, dynamically developing cities, rich folk traditions, gastronomy and world-famous wine regions in a beautiful natural environment.

With our services, we contribute to the preservation of people’s health, the improvement of patients, and recreation.

Our company strives for innovation, continuous development, building international relations and developing cooperation.

In the interests of joint development, we are open to generating and implementing joint projects, transferring and gaining experience.

We believe that only with this approach and in this general way can we be useful to each other and to humanity.

Thank you for the opportunity to be in Moscow and tell us about us, to cooperate and promote the friendship of our two countries.


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