Representatives of the “Settlement on the cape” are the first at the Festival “By the hands of a woman”!!!

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“Settlement on the cape” is how the name of the city of Salekhard is translated from the Nenets language.
Few dare to go to the far northern region, so, the craftsmen from Salekhard themselves came to Moscow for the 3rd International Festival of Handicrafts and Crafts “By the Hands of a woman” and presented the beautiful edge of our big country.

Salekhard presented GAUK YANAO “District House of Crafts”.  An important direction in the work of the House of Crafts is the popularization of the culture of the indigenous peoples of Yamal. Products of traditional crafts of Yamal are presented in the art fund of products of folk arts and crafts.

The masters were presented at the festival:

1. Bogdanova Lyubov Vladimirovna.  Lyubov Bogdanova works with clay in her own unique manner, using peculiar techniques of modeling and coating ceramic products, painting and sculptural decoration. Many of the ceramic products of the master are decorated in an ethnostile – they reproduce the features of the set of the national costume of the peoples of Yamal.

2. Maklakova Evgeniya Yurievna.  Evgenia Yurievna is professionally engaged in weaving, making traditional dolls, making leather, fabric, and cloth products.
The collections of her works are diverse in subject matter, purpose, and design.

3. Taligina Natalia Sergeevna.  Most of the master’s original works are represented by small-form sculptures made of wood and bone. In addition to making sculptures of small shapes, the artist works professionally in monumental sculpture. Has skills in making ice and park sculptures.

4. Yukhlymova Alexandra Larionovna. The artist’s creativity is characterized by the original expression of elements of the traditional culture of the peoples of the North in the batik technique. The rich world of the ornament of the northern Khanty, filled with bizarre shapes and capacious content, is presented in the works especially vividly.

Все участницы были удостоены Дипломами Победителя!!!

The organizing committee expresses its special gratitude Yarosh Elena Robertovna!!!

Visitors were not indifferent to the beauty presented by the craftsmen from Salekhard.





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