• Demonstrate the capabilities of Your business and industry.
  • The scale of coverage and geography of industry specialists.
  • Choice of participation format: full-time or part-time.
  • Participation in the business program as an expert.
  • Meetings with representatives of medical tourism agencies and tour operators.
  • Development of investment projects in the healthcare and Spa industries.
  • Marketing support for each participant.
  • Each participant will be awarded a diploma of a participant of the exhibition “Medical tourism”.
  • Photos from the exhibition are free of charge.
  • Advertising is free.
  • Information in the catalog up to 450 characters is free of charge.


  • Announcement of the event in the media, on popular Internet resources.
  • Information about your participation in the exhibition “Medical tourism” will be posted on:
  1. official website of the event:
  2. website of the festival organizer  “International women’s Union”
  3. website of the event co-organizer GC ” Atlas of health,
  4. information portals, in all social networks of the event.
  • Throughout the exhibition, industry professionals will conduct various seminars for You, covering the most relevant topics and issues of today in the field of medicine and tourism.
  • Contact the exhibition organizers 24/7 for any questions during the event.
  • Excellent, well-organized work of the organizers, allowing You to feel calm and confident.



  • Presentation of Your organization and services at the exhibition.
  • Our event covers 85 regions and 1127 cities in Russia. 162 embassies (tourism attaches) will also be involved.
  • Presentation of modern capabilities of your medical and Wellness facilities, services and products for preserving youth and beauty to partners, potential consumers, participants and guests of the exhibition from Russia and foreign countries.
  • Discussion of topical issues of medicine, tourism and the Spa industry in the new conditions, exchange of practices and creation of conditions for effective cooperation.
  • A large number of new contacts with participants from regions of the Russian Federation, CIS countries and foreign countries.
  • The creation of the electronic catalogue.
  • At the end of the exhibition, the organizers are ready to promote Your company to attract potential customers and coverage on the international arena.