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October 15-17, 2021

Round tables (duration: 2 hours)


1. Export of medical services in Moscow and the regions.


Medical tourism in the context of the coronavirus pandemic: from import to sustainable export of medical services.

Speaker: Anna A. Vasilets, President of the Atlas of health group of medical tourism companies.

The Federal project “Development of export of medical services in Russia”
A systematic approach to the development of medical tourism in regions of Russia.
Service as an important component in the development of medical tourism in the Russian Federation.
The role of young people in the development of medical tourism in Russia.
Promotion of medical tourism services in post-visual reality.
A digital platform for the export of medical services in Moscow.
Dynamics of medical tourism development in Moscow.
Medical cluster on the example of a Russian region.
Successful experience of foreign countries in the formation and development of medical tourism.

2. Presentation of opportunities and development of medical and Spa institutions, medical clusters, organizations that provide goods and services to prolong and preserve the youth and beauty of the region/country for visitors, guests from Russia and abroad.
Medical institutions in Russia: high-quality medicine at affordable prices for foreign patients.
Foreign medical institutions: new opportunities and collaborations.
Marketing for medical and Spa institutions, medical clusters, branding “Treatment in Russia”.
Features of cluster interaction in the health resort sphere, etc.


3. the Role of the system of chambers of Commerce and industry in the development of small and medium-sized businesses of women entrepreneurs:

Development of NCP and crafts
International women’s networks – a platform for communication:
Joint business projects
Exchange of business delegations
Funds to support women entrepreneurs
Women’s startups and investments

4. Representation of the region (country):
Tourist routes of the region (country)
Investment attractiveness of the region for women of small and medium-sized businesses)

5. “the Role of communities in the creative and professional development of women” – Organizers of the round table – ” Community of wives of Russian diplomats»