We invite you to take part in the 3rd international Festival of folk arts and crafts “By hands of a woman”.

On October 15-17, 2021, the 3rd international festival of decorative and applied arts and crafts “By hands of a woman” will be held in Moscow (VDNH, Pavilion 55) with the participation of folk artists, artisans, designers, artists, regional tourism management bodies, tour operators, and representatives of other creative directions from Russia and foreign countries supported by the Federal Agency for tourism.

The organizer of the 3rd international festival of folk arts and crafts ” By hands of a woman ” is the ” International Womens Union  » (www.iwuorg.com)

The festival’s partner is the Eurasian women’s forum.

Supported by the UN refugee Agency.

Official website of the project: www.handswomen.com . REGISTRATION IS OPEN.

Invite you:

  • represent Your country at the 3rd international Festival ” By hands of a woman ” through crafts, through the identity of women in Your country;
  • show the investment attractiveness of Your country for small and medium-sized business women;
  • tell us about your country’s tourist routes;

You have a unique opportunity to make a presentation in various areas during the festival.

We are ready to consider Your suggestions and initiatives within the framework of the Festival.

The festival of decorative and applied arts and crafts “By hands of a woman” is aimed at showing how many-sided folk art crafts are in modern conditions, how noble the work of a woman is, embodying the best cultural traditions of the peoples of Russia and foreign countries.

The festival of decorative and applied arts and crafts “By hands of a woman” is a unique platform for uniting women of different faiths and countries, which will have a positive impact on strengthening the women’s movement in the world.

Project objective:

  • Present the national wealth of goods and services produced by women of the participating countries of the Festival
  • Preserving the material and spiritual cultural heritage and drawing attention to the origins of the identity of women from the countries participating in the Festival.
  • Helping women become more socially active.
  • Improve conditions for doing business, and the status of self-employed women.

The Festival will include eto-fashion shows, photo exhibitions, master classes and networking sessions with the involvement of Russian and international experts.

The three-day format of the Festival will allow the International jury to evaluate and select Winners and laureates whose work will be presented at different venues around the world.



Yours faithfully,

organizing Committee

International Festival

«By hands of a Woman”»
Tel.:+7 967 148 38 32, +7 968 441 84 51

e-mail: info@handswomen.com  ;  iwuorg@gmail.com