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Media Holding “Pravda.ru“-General Information Partner of the Business Platform – Forum “Woman of the Third Millennium”


Why is language an important chain in the structure of communication?
Can we assume that Anglicisms are artificially imposed?
About the style of communication of young people on the Internet
The position of the Russian language in the world. Can it be made No. 1 in the world?
The guest of the program is Margarita Rusetskaya, Rector of the Pushkin State Institute of Russian Language, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Honorary worker of Higher professional education. Deputy of the Moscow City Duma. Member of the Board of Trustees of the International Festival of Arts and Crafts “By Hands of a woman”.

Presenters – editor-in-chief of the publication ” Pravda.ru ” Inna Novikova and Amirova Alfiya-President of the International Women’s Union.


Suren Vardanyan, Vice – President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Amirova Alfiya, President of the International Women’s Union and Editor-in-chief of Pravda, spoke about the main problem points of business at the beginning of 2021. Editor-in-chief “Pravda.ru”  Inna Novikova.


Guest of the program: Vittorio Torrembini-member of the Board of Trustees of the International Exhibition “Medicine and Tourism”, President of the Association of Italian Entrepreneurs (GIM-Unimpresa), Honorary Consul of Italy in Lipetsk.


Do you still think that the destiny of any woman is to stand in the kitchen and cook borscht? The 21st century shows that everything is not so simple, and today the fair sex can quite compete with men, for example, in the field of business. “Woman of the Third Millennium” is a unique business platform-forum for the representation of women of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia and abroad, which brings together women of different faiths and countries and will have a positive impact on strengthening the women’s movement in Russia, interaction between women in Russia, Europe and Asia, which will be held on October 15-17, 2021, Moscow, VDNH, Pavilion No. 55