October 10-11, 2023

2nd International Forum “Woman of the Third Millennium”

Venue: GBU “Moscow House of Nationalities”

October 10

  • 12.00-19.00 Presentation of the exhibition “Hands of a woman”
    12.30-13.20 Registration of forum participants
    13.30- 15.30 Meeting of the International Discussion Club “VISION 3000”. Agenda of the meeting “The Era of change in a multipolar world” Hall No. 4
    15.30 – 16.00 Coffee break
    16.00- 18.00 Section No. 0 – Presentation of the region, country. Hall No. 4
    16.00- 18.00 Gala concert. Awarding of the Winners of the 4th international photo contest “Mother and children in national costumes”. Awarding of the winners of the international award “Woman of the third Millennium”. Welcoming words of the Honored guests. Concert program. Hall No. 2
  • October 1110.00-19.00 – Presentation of the exhibition “Hands of a woman”
    10.00-11.00 Registration of forum participants
    11.00-13.30 Plenary session. Hall No. 2
    13.30-14.00 Coffee break
    14.00- 16.00 Section No. 1
    Topic: “International partnership of the women’s community in the implementation of initiatives within the framework of global and regional integration associations”. Hall No. 4
    14.00-16.00 Section No. 2
    Subject ” Creative industries: prospects for the development of culture and art ” Hall No. 2
    16.00-18.00 Section No. 3
    Topic:  “The role of the CCI system in supporting small and medium-sized businesses.” (Women’s entrepreneurship as a key driver of inclusive and viable growth.) Hall No. 4
    16.00-18.00 Section No. 4
    Topic: “International practices of working with youth”. Hall No. 2
    19.00- 20.00 – Buffet