1. What requirements should a forum participant meet?
Women representatives of various branches of small, medium and large businesses, top managers of large Russian and foreign companies, representatives of culture, PR specialists, bloggers, women influencers in the digital environment, HR directors, TV and radio hosts and journalists, representatives of creative industries, digital economy specialists and other representatives are invited to participate SMEs, representatives of regional and federal authorities, public figures, international women’s communities. Age 18+

2. What is required to participate as a speaker at the forum?

Presentation of the country, region, institutions, tourism potential, services and goods, presentation as a speaker at the round table at the Business Platform-the forum “Woman of the Third Millennium”, up to 15 minutes with the announcement on all sources of the event ( website, social networks, etc.) and in the official program of the forum.

3. What does participation in the forum give you?

The participants exchange their opinions on the current economic situation, share their experience, and draw public attention to the current problems of entrepreneurship. The business forum is designed to find effective solutions that directly affect the development of business and the economy of the region (country).
The forum will provide an opportunity to establish new contacts, new useful acquaintances, present yourself, discuss issues with the authorities, get resources for the development of your business.

4. What conditions must be met to participate in the forum?
Register on the website
Next, you will receive a letter with instructions,contract and invoice.

5. How is the participation fee paid?
According to the invoice issued.