From October 15 to 17, 2021, the 55th pavilion of the VVC hosted the International Exhibition “Medical Tourism”, which was presented at the business platform “Woman of the Third Millennium”.

Health and quality of life, today, is one of the topical topics and the basis of women’s well-being.

Against the background of the coronavirus pandemic, personal health issues are becoming increasingly important. The coronavirus pandemic is radically changing not only the medical tourism market, but also the directions of business activity in Russia and around the world.

Both foreign countries (Hungary, South Korea, Abkhazia, etc.) and Russian medical clinics, sanatorium-resort institutions, travel companies, medical equipment manufacturing companies, etc. presented their potential at the exhibition:

1.Global Management of KFT. Hungary 8. Network of private multidisciplinary centers K+31
2. South Korea (National Tourism Organization of Korea) 9.Union of Medical Workers of the Chuvash Republic
3. Abkhazia. CCI RA 10.LLC “Home assistant”
4. University Clinical Hospital No.2 Clinical Center of the First Sechenov Moscow State Medical University. 11. Online store of facial and body care cosmetics “AVCOSMETICS”
5. Sanatorium “Zvenigorod” and Rehabilitation Clinic of the Clinical Center of the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University 12. Products for wellness and longevity from kelp “VERTERA”
6. Istra Regional Clinical Hospital 13. MEDINVEST LLC (exoskeletons)
7. FSBI NMHC of Rehabilitation and Balneology of the Ministry of Health of Russia 14. STL Company (medical equipment)

Hungary has widely presented the Bach-Kiskun region, revealing the great potential of medicine and tourism. Nature is one of the riches of Bach-Kishkun, where you can also use thermal baths scattered throughout the region, including in Kishkumais, Kishkunfeledkhaz, Kaloch and Kishkeresh.

Right now, medical and sanatorium- resort institutions, medical clusters, insurance companies, organizations providing services and goods for the preservation of youth and beauty have a unique chance to increase the customer base, present the possibilities of modern medicine and high-quality longevity for their potential customers and partners at the Medical Tourism exhibition.

At the exhibition “Medical Tourism”, participants had the opportunity to:

Presentations of medical and sanatorium-resort institutions, medical clusters, organizations providing goods and services to preserve the youth and beauty of the Region in front of the regions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.
To present modern opportunities and achievements in the field of medicine and wellness.
Present business projects and search for partners and clients for their implementation.
Expansion and strengthening of interregional and international business cooperation.

A round table was held within the framework of the event

“Medical tourism after the pandemic: prospects and trends”

Moderator: Anna Vasilets is the President of Atlas of Health Group, an International Expert in medical tourism.

Speakers highlighted current topics:

IVANOVA ELENA PAVLOVNA, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Head of the Department of International Relations and Public Activities of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “NMIC of Rehabilitation and Balneology” of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
Topic: “A systematic approach to the development of medical tourism in the subjects of the Russian Federation (methodological recommendations).
Medical tourism: features of patient perception and communication between the patient and the medical institution”
KORNEEVA ELENA VLADIMIROVNA, MD, Chief rehabilitologist of the Khabarovsk Territory.
Topic: “Medical tourism: features of patient perception and communication between the patient and the medical institution”
Topic: “Organization of medical care in the “traumatology” profile for foreign citizens in the conditions of a state medical organization”.
VLASOV ARTEM YURIEVICH, Medical director and chief physician of LLC “Home Assistant — Medicine”. Practicing surgeon, urologist, andrologist.
Topic: “Changes in the market of social and medical services due to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
” EKATERINA LOPUKHINA, Marketing Director of the Moscow Representative Office of the National Tourism Organization of Korea.
Topic: “Medical tourism in South Korea”.
ATILLA KOVAC, Professor, Doctor, university lecturer, chief physician — Head of the Rheumatology Department at the Educational Hospital named after Semmelweis of the University of Szeged in Kiskunhalas, a specialist in immune, rheumatological and diseases of the motor apparatus, the effects of medicinal waters on health.
Topic:”Balneology: you can be treated freely again (Hungary)”
GENS GELENA PETROVNA, MD, Professor, Head of the Department of Oncology and Radiation Therapy of the Moscow State Medical University named after A.I. Evdokimov, Chief Oncologist of the K+31 clinic network, Head of the Oncology Clinic, Personalized Cancer Treatment and Prevention.
Topic: “Phototherapy as a form of psychological support for women with cancer”
GRIGORYAN LIANA TIGRANOVNA, Deputy Chief Physician of the Zvenigorod Sanatorium of Sechenov University, Founder of the Vita+ European School of Health, Dia Club, founder and CEO of Doctor in Pocket LLC. Chief endocrinologist of the Istra City District. Endocrinologist, nutritionist, sports medicine doctor, rehabilitologist. Expert in the field of preventive medicine, telemedicine, healthcare organization.
Topic: “Rehabilitation of patients after covid19″.
GORYACHEVA KRISTINA MIKHAILOVNA, oncourologist, rehabilitologist, ultrasound doctor, nutritionist, health coach, medical rehabilitation clinic of the I. M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University).
Topic:”University Clinical Hospital N2: opportunities for Russian and foreign patients”
ISITA KHANALIEVA, dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, physiotherapist, ultrasound diagnostics doctor, plastic surgeon, representative of the V.A. Rakhmanov Clinic for Skin and Venereal Diseases on aesthetic medicine and cosmetology at the University Clinical Hospital No. 2.
Topic: “Cosmetology and plastic surgery for patients from all over the world”.
The exhibition was organized by the International Women’s Union for the Support of Women Entrepreneurs of Small and Medium-sized Businesses – a member of the CCI of the Russian Federation, a member of the CCI of Moscow, an official collaborator of the Association of Organizations among the Black Sea Businesswomen (AFAEMME), which unites businesswomen from 24 Mediterranean countries.  (

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The event was held in compliance with the necessary measures to ensure the safety of participants and visitors of the exhibition and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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