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Vera Kuzmina, member of the Regional Public Organization “International Union of Women”, clinical psychologist, member of the Professional Psychotherapeutic League of Russia, winner in the nomination Storytelling and psychology Moscow, author of articles in scientific publications, in the federal business publication “Business Journal”, socio-political publication “Tatarstan” participant of the WorldSkills 2019 project, participant of the eighth Sessions of the Forum on Entrepreneurship and Human Rights at the UN (Geneva, Switzerland).

Vera received her professional education in Krasnodar – in 1997 she graduated from the Pedagogical Institute with a degree in Psychology Teacher and Practical Psychologist.
At that time, she was interested in what the human subconscious hides and what functions our brain performs that we don’t know about. In Krasnodar Krai Vera worked as the chief specialist of the Department of social support for families, children and senior citizens of the Department of Social Protection of the Population of the Department of Social Protection of Krasnodar Krai. The work brought Vera great pleasure, because she realized her desire to help people, especially the unprotected part of the population, children and the elderly.

In 2008, after moving to Kazan, Vera very acutely felt the need to resume her work as a psychologist. She received her second higher education at the Kazan State Medical University with a degree in Clinical Psychology. She constantly participated in such scientific, practical and educational conferences and seminars as: “Challenges of the era in the aspect of psychological psychotherapeutic science and practice”, “Forms and methods of psychological assistance and support for persons affected in emergency situations, including at the time of an immediate disaster”, “Providing urgent psychological assistance to children and their parents in situations of abuse, family violence”, “The succession system of inclusive education”, “Current problems of preschool and primary education”, etc.

She published her articles in the collection “Actual problems of preschool education”. She also had to work with children with various disorders and health problems. She considers helping people to be her professional achievements: Vera has worked for many years in the family and children’s aid department, provided emergency psychological assistance to people in emergency situations, cooperated with the Ministry of Emergency Situations. “And I consider my children to be my greatest personal achievement – I have three of them, and I am also very grateful to my spouse, who is a strong support and support for me!”, Vera proudly admits.

Vera is actively engaged in socially important projects. So, in 2019, as an official representative from the Republic of Tatarstan, Vera participated in the Forum on Entrepreneurship and Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland. In 2021, she becomes the winner in the nomination Storytelling and psychology of Moscow.

Vera also became the winner in the nomination “Social Entrepreneurship” at the annual award ceremony “Celebrity Kazan 2021-2022”.

Vera expands the boundaries of her professionalism and shares it at All-Russian conferences on women’s entrepreneurship (Moscow, Suzdal, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan) Vera Kuzmina is engaged in the development of not only professional, but also cultural: she is a frequent guest and participant of social events, including being a VIP at the celebration of the centenary of the Shukhov Tower, a project of the Shukhov Cultural Foundation, took part in the international fashion photo project “The image of a business woman of Russia as the basis of a successful career”, the author of which is the international top stylist Tolly Kirillov and which was presented in many cities of Russia and countries of the near and far abroad, participated in a fashion show at the National Art Gallery “Khazine” in Kazan. In addition, Vera loves to travel and get to know new people and their culture.

Vera says the following about her attitude to the world:

“As one wise man said: “When you want something badly, the law of attraction comes into play.” Only you can create your future, environment and reality. Listen to yourself and others. On your way you will meet a lot of different people – remember that you need to calmly accept criticism and advice, you will get experience anyway. After all, every person you have met on your life path is your teacher.”

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