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On April 26, 2023, a business lunch organized by the International Women’s Union took place in the heart of the capital in the Grand Cafe “Dr. Zhivago.” In the center of Moscow!

Grand Cafe “Dr. Zhivago is a trendy and stylish restaurant on the ground floor of the legendary National Hotel with a beautiful view of Red Square.

The program turned out to be rich and interesting.

The President of the “International Women’s Union”-Amirova Alfiya told about the activities of the organization, about the projects implemented and being implemented aimed at preserving culture and traditions, including opportunities for the promotion of members of the organization, about future plans.

The special Guest of Honor of the business lunch was the Wife of the Ambassador of Mongolia to the Russian Federation, Ms. Zhan Bulganmaa! Ms. Zhan told about the beautiful Mongolia, about its beauties and sights, about culture and traditions, and about other achievements of this beautiful, rich and friendly country:

Dear ladies,

Dear organizers and guests.

I am glad to welcome you all here today at a wonderful event, and I express my deep gratitude to the International Union of Women, the President of the Union of Amirova Alfiya for an excellent opportunity to meet representatives of different countries and business circles.

My name is Zhan Bulganmaa, I am the wife of the Ambassador of Mongolia to the Russian Federation. I graduated from the University in Kiev in 1989 with a degree in Radio Communication and Broadcasting.

Recently, Amirova Alfii and Asia Biskup and I took part in the cultural event “Mongolia Day” at the Russian State Children’s Library and I hope that our honored guests liked the small performances of Mongolian culture and tradition. Of course, in order to fully immerse yourself in the historically rich Mongolian culture, you must visit our country in person.

Taking advantage of this good opportunity, let me make a little acquaintance of our country to the charming ladies gathered here.

As you know, Mongolia is geographically located between Russia and China and occupies the 17th place in the world in terms of territory area. The geography of Mongolia’s historical and natural attractions is incredibly extensive, and they are located in different parts of our country: from the western Altai Mountains to the Eastern steppes, from the northern Khentii Highlands to the southern Gobi deserts. A quarter of the territory of our country is covered by mountain steppes and forests.

But Mongolia has not only steppes, mountains and deserts.  Full–flowing rivers are emerging in our mountains and the largest of them is the Selenga River, with a length of 1024 kilometers crosses Mongolia and flows into Lake Baikal, and another large river, the Herlen, with a length of 1254 kilometers, carries its waters into Lake Dalaynor, located in China. In total, there are more than a thousand lakes in Mongolia, and the largest lake Khubsugul collects the waters of 96 tributaries, and lies at an altitude of 1646 m, the depth of which reaches 262 meters, and the unique beauty of the lake attracts tourists from various countries.

By climate, as you can probably guess, Mongolia is characterized by a sharply continental climate with long cold winters, but at the same time with hot summers, and, one might say, with a capricious spring. Mongolia is characterized by dry air and incredible temperature changes. In general, in summer you will meet the weather from 25 to 35 degrees Celsius, and in winter the cold is minus 20 to minus 35 degrees.

The traditional religion of Mongolia is shamanism, but since the end of the 16th century Tibetan Buddhism has become the official religion of our country and has spread widely. The first Buddhist temple was built in 1586.

The Mongols have their own national writing, borrowed from the Uighurs and widely used from the 12th century to the present day. In the 30s of the last century, the Cyrillic alphabet began to be used in Mongolia, but nevertheless the Old Mongolian script is an obligatory part of studying in Mongolian schools.

It is pleasant to note that our country is called the “Land of eternal blue Sky”, because the sun shines more than 250 days a year. Therefore, dear ladies gathered here, I suggest you definitely visit sunny Mongolia.

In Mongolia, for the development of tourism, this year has been declared the year of visiting Mongolia, within which various events are planned for foreign citizens throughout the year. You can go on a trip to the Gobi Desert or climb the mountains of Mongolia, or see the beauty of the taiga or the Mongolian steppe, travel by horse and camel. Or you can just walk around the capital of our country Ulaanbaatar, enjoy Mongolian cuisine and admire the urban life of modern Mongolian youth.

Dear ladies, Mongolia will always be open to you, I hope you will have a good opportunity to visit our country. Welcome to Mongolia!

Thanks for attention.

Ms. Zhivchiv pleasantly pleased our ladies by giving each guest gifts from Mongolian manufacturers.

The business lunch was also attended by the Third Secretary of the Embassy of Mongolia in the Russian Federation, who oversees humanitarian relations – Altankhuyag Dulguun

Each of the guests had the opportunity to talk about themselves, their business, goods or services, find friends and partners.

We are very glad that the meeting brought together guests from different business areas: beauty, design, event, advertising, psychology, heads of the Civil Society, real estate, as well as the non-profit sector and other areas, which were united by the NGO “International Union of Women”. Despite the scope of the spheres and interests, the ladies found a lot in common and interesting.

Each guest received a rose, the personification of femininity and beauty, and a pleasant gift made with love.

Following our tradition, a charity lottery drawing took place.

The business lunch ended with a beautiful photo shoot.

The meeting was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The information partner was the Online publication “Embassy Life”

See you soon!

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