Integration of children of ethnic diasporas into the cultural and educational space of Russia

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The speaker of the meeting of the International Discussion Club “VISION 3000” was Inna Mikhailovna Gorislavtseva. Member of the Presidium and head of the Moscow branch of the Social Democratic Union of Women of Russia. Member of the Expert Council of the Patriarchal Commission. Member of the expert council of the SR PO faction in the State Duma. The leader of the socio-political movement “Unification of parents”. Assistant to the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Lantratova Ya.V. Proxy of the candidate for mayor of Moscow Gusev D.G.

The topic of the speech is “Integration of children of ethnic diasporas into the cultural and educational space of Russia”.

On July 26, 2023, a meeting was held International Discussion Club “VISION 3000” with the support of the Government of Moscow (Department of National Policy and Interregional Relations of the City of Moscow, GBU “Moscow House of Nationalities”) in the Moscow House of Nationalities.

The agenda of the meeting was devoted to the topic “Cultural dialogue. Interethnic relations”.

When we fixed in the Constitution of the Russian Federation that the family is a union of a woman and a man, this was the first serious point of separation of Russia from those pseudo–values that the West has been trying to introduce to us over the past 30 years.

Some time ago, the State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted a law banning LGBT propaganda in Russia. It was a long-awaited and literally hard-won document, because it was time to put a barrier in the way of all these unconventional and corrupting our youth trends that contradict our centuries-old traditional and cultural values that we honor, preserve and cherish as the memory of our ancestors.

Just less than a month ago, another Law was passed in Russia, the importance of which is difficult to underestimate, prohibiting sex change without medical indications. And this is also an extremely important, landmark document that puts all the dots over the “And”.

As one of my archaeologists friends joked harshly, when they dig us up many years later, there will be no doubt how to determine the gender.  There will be only two of them. No matter how someone identifies himself within the framework of the Western model of tolerance for self-determination of gender, scientists will rest against the divine plan that physiologically there are two sexes: men and women.

Having stood in such a tough and principled opposition to the West, Russia will have to find inner strength and support in order to stand up, not only for its own sake, but also for the sake of all the people of the world. It will be difficult, if not impossible, to do this without relying on the state ideology.

To win, you need  A Great Mission, A Grandiose Goal, A Vision of the Future. That’s when it will be possible to create a Strategy for achieving goals and Winning from them. Develop a literally step-by-step plan of movement to achieve the goal.

It seems to me that Russia has now taken on a very difficult, but the most important Mission – the preservation of the divine plan, the preservation of life itself on Earth. Because it is in the union of a man and a woman that children are born, which is the continuation of life, its preservation in time.

It is Russia that should become that fulcrum, a big family and a source of strength for all the peoples of the world who have the same vision for the future of the Earth as we do, and share, for example, values such as family, children, friendship, mutual respect, kindness, justice, the ability to honor the memory and cherish the traditions of their ancestors.

If we recognize this Mission for ourselves, then there is meaningfulness in all the steps we take. Through this yardstick, it will be possible to evaluate all the actions we perform.  This is much more than a state ideology. This is a moral choice that is even higher than an individual state.

Russia has always been a multinational and multicultural country. This is how we remain now.  There are more than 190 nationalities living in Russia.  We have 37 official state languages only. We have always been and remain a big family for everyone, we open our hearts and doors wide, let everyone in and absorb the best traditions of different peoples.  The menu of our restaurants perfectly coexists on one page Ukrainian borscht, Belarusian lard, Russian rasstegai, Uzbek pilaf, Tatar echpochmak, Georgian shish kebab.  Our children go to school together. Our families have long become international. Regardless of ethnic origin, when we find ourselves abroad, we are all Russians there for them.  Before the collapse of the USSR, we were called “Soviet” there, now “Russian”.   I note that it is the Russians, not the Russians.  And there is an iconic feature in this.  When, for example, we say about an American resident that he is an American, then this is a noun.  Russian is an adjective.

Which one?  Russian!  When Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was asked what nationality he was, he is said to have replied: “I am a Russian Georgian!”. And this is, as it seems to me, our uniqueness. Russian Russians, absorbing all the nations, preserve them all, allowing themselves to be called a Russian Tatar, a Russian Bashkir, a Russian Jew at will. Being Russian is a special property.

Russia is more, an open, bright place. So, in any case, they write in a large dictionary of folk sayings. To bring a fading flower in a pot to Russia from the Arkhangelsk grandmothers means to bring it out into the light, into the yard, to give an opportunity to gain strength under the sun. Without sunlight, natural biological life on Earth will quickly end.

So it turns out that being Russian means storing the energy of light in yourself, becoming a source of it for others who are lost and confused in the games of tolerance.

Migration processes in the modern world are inevitable. Our fellow citizens are traveling around the world, taking with them a piece of our Russian soul. Citizens of other countries come to Russia. It seems that now this flow of migrants to us may increase, because in Russia those who cannot bear experiments on the child’s psyche in matters of self-determination of gender identity from the cradle, for whom it is important to protect children from pedophiles and LGBT propaganda, will seek salvation for themselves and their children.

That is why it becomes so important for us, opening the doors for everyone and letting in for the sake of salvation, not to drown ourselves in this stream.  Accepting new members into a large family, set the rules of life in a large house “at the entrance”.  The main ones are the command of the Russian language, acceptance of our traditional values and law-abiding.

The integration of migrants should be systematically thought out and competently organized. Here we see a great role and space for the work of NGOs, which could take on the function of pre-school preparation of migrant children to study in schools in three directions: the Russian language, the history of Russia and the Foundations of spiritual morality and culture of the peoples of Russia.  Mastering such a program should become a prerequisite for enrolling children in our schools, and the refusal of parents to teach children in such a preparatory program is the basis for the termination of the rights of residence in Russia. Tough?  No!  Fair. It’s just a matter of respecting the rules of the house that someone claims to be a part of.

By supporting the national identity of peoples, respecting and honoring their traditions, customs and culture, Russia must preserve the common core for all – the language of interethnic communication, Russian. To become bigger, weightier and more significant, to become a fulcrum, a big family and a source of strength for all the peoples of the world who have the same vision for the future of the Earth as we do.




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