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Flower etiquette originated several generations ago. His main mission was to make it possible to express the full depth of thoughts and feelings with the help of a bouquet.

Flower etiquette served as the foundation and starting point for creating a strict set of rules, regulations, and protocol in special circles.

Thanks to such a communication tool as the “protocol”, the highest ranks of power and monarch dynasties have the opportunity to conduct a “political game” at the international level expressed by means of the “language of flowers”. Thanks to this, representatives of the nobility had the opportunity to follow their strategy, transmit hidden messages and achieve their goals without uttering a word.

Time passed. Everything was changing. And ordinary people’s attitude to the language of flowers was changing. Someone completely forgot about floral symbolism.

The flower protocol remained “unchanged”. Of course, the protocol today is strikingly different from what it was two centuries ago. But nevertheless, it is impossible to imagine any business event or space without it.

It should be understood that the portrait of current leaders and diplomats has changed. They have become more open, their personal life is becoming more public, they often build their image through a personal brand, share their hobbies, hobbies.


And so it is not noticeable to ourselves that we have entered those times when the professional protocol community notes the fact that we are on the verge of changes, including in terms of the flower protocol.

The flower protocol is used with pleasure not only by state corporations, but also by large and medium-sized businesses focused on image and sustainable development. The flower protocol is a high-quality tool with which you can build and maintain the appropriate image of the company, as well as demonstrate the values, mission and identity of the brand. To solve these problems, floral designers apply the rules described in the floral protocol to form the appearance of the company both at business events and at daily landscaping, or floral design of office interiors.

Taking an active part in international forums and business events both as an invited guest and as experts on the “flower protocol”, we have long drawn attention to the fact that the flower protocol requires an upgrade and updating.

The world has changed too much!

The high level of events, especially those broadcast in the media, requires high quality performance and a modern reading of the flower protocol.

One of the priority tasks that our team of experts undertook was the “adaptation of the flower protocol to new realities”, the restoration of the information “symbolism of the plant” for business and government.
This is important because the geopolitical component is changing. Eastern countries are a big mystery for European and Russian people. The society of professionals should deepen their knowledge and recognize the signals that are sent from allies.

The experts of our team, Olga Vasilyevna Posnikova and Nadezhda Alekseevna Fedorova, are members of respected organizations in various committees and directorates in different positions: the International Union of Women, the online publication Embassy Life, the Association of Managers.

We are an official partner of International and Business Forums.

Olga Postnikova:

  • The head of the “flower protocol” direction in the online publication “Embassy Life”
  • General Director of the Flower Fashion House “Araik Galstyan” Radisson Slavyanskaya
  • An architect with more than 20 years of experience (her works were published in the international design magazine SALON)
  • , co-author of an architectural project of a social orientation focused on working with children from disadvantaged families and children with special needs.
    tel. 8(903)520-99-47





Nadezhda  Fedorova:

  • Director of the department “flower protocol” in the  “International Women’s Union”
  • Managing Partner in the House of Floral Fashion “Araik Galstyan” Radisson Slavyanskaya
  • Previously, a top manager in leading companies in the HoReCa industry
    tel. 8(995)120-55-40



Knowledge in this field and other accumulated professional experience allow us to solve the set challenges and tasks in non-standard ways. Before starting each new task, we look not only at the format of the event, but also pay attention to the smallest details that make up the overall impression at any event. Our team of managers and floral designers will help bring your event to a fundamentally new level.

From the very beginning of our journey to this day, we have been cooperating with a world-renowned floral brand with more than 20 years of history. From here we take new, modern ideas and technologies. Further, as the basis of the floral protocol, we consciously and carefully apply them in our work on the floral design of business events, including international level.

People come to us for services:
– floral design of business events;
– landscaping and decoration of HoReCa objects, objects of cultural heritage;
– decoration of offices and business centers;
– flower subscription;
– corporate and business gifts;
– floral workshops.


1. Remember the goals and objectives of the event and the degree of solemnity.

It is important to take into account new trends in the development of the protocol, such as: mobility, dynamism, personal presentation.
Offer to weave the identity of the organizers, guests, speakers, but do it jewelry. Enhance the effect of the event with your floral solutions.

2. Time for qualitative changes.

It is no longer enough for professionals of protocol floristry to know the rules of the floral protocol, they also need to consciously, creatively and situationally introduce trends that are dictated and guided not only by the political world, but also by the business world.

3. Make innovative ideas work for the flower protocol.

We are very close to adapting the flower protocol to a new life and new rules.
The most logical way to achieve this carefully and environmentally friendly is to delicately and dosed introduce new solutions found by professionals of international floral design.

Olga Postnikova
tel. 8(903)520-99-47

Fedorova Nadezhda
tel. 8(995)120-55-40

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