A practical lecture “Verbal image” was held in Moscow.

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On June 14, 2024, a practical lecture “Fundamentals of public speaking” was held within the framework of the Department “Education and Advanced Training” of the International Women’s Union, with the support of the Committee for Public Relations and Youth Policy of the City of Moscow on the basis of the subordinate institution of the State Budgetary Institution “Moscow House of Public Organizations”, in the space “Environment for their own”. The topic of the lecture is “Verbal image”.

The lecturer was Anastasia Perevalova, Head of the Reputational Image department at the International Women’s Union, an expert on reputational image, kinetic analyst, teacher of modern etiquette at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, author of offline and online courses for women, member of the Association of Etiquette Specialists, invited expert of Channel one.

She made a welcoming speech   Alfiya Amirova is the President of the International Women’s Union.
Alfiya Ravilyevna greeted the guests and thanked the Environment of Her Own space for their help in organizing the event.

Anastasia talked about the importance of a verbal image, what it consists of, what you need to pay attention to in order to make the right first impression and prolong it indefinitely, how to work on it.

Verbal image is an important component of a reputation image. What you say and how you say it directly affects the impression of you. You can tell by the voice whether the person in front of you is confident, what his status is. Your voice can fascinate, hypnotize, seduce, hold attention, and can irritate. By speech, you can determine which region you are from, how you were raised, and what kind of education. Are you your own or someone else’s.

Speaking in a way that makes it interesting for everyone to listen to you is an art. At the master class, you will learn how to make your voice magnetically attractive, confident and memorable.

The lecture participants received practical recommendations and actively participated in all the tasks given by the lecturer, thereby analyzing their verbal image.

Anastasia and the lecture participants attended the master class:
– I performed a diagnosis of my voice
– Participants learned and performed the exercises necessary for a beautiful and confident voice
– We worked on the pace of speech, diction, intonation
– We got acquainted with the structure of the performance (and we perform everywhere, even when we toast at a solemn event)
– We did exercises for easy improvisation
– Received recommendations for increasing vocabulary

At the end of the lecture, Alfiya Amirova, as President of the NGO “International Union of Women”, spoke about the mission, goals and objectives of the women’s organization, shared plans and invited the participants of the event to the 3rd International Forum “Woman of the Third Millennium”, which will be presented on November 14-15, 2024 at the legendary site of the GlavUp DC CC under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

She also spoke about the flagship project of the International Photo Contest “Mother and Children in national costumes”, which in 2024 is held under the auspices of  The Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO with the support of the Federal Academy of Sciences of Russia. The photo exhibition was presented at the UN (Vienna), embassies, Consulates General of the Russian Federation in Austria, Mongolia, Istanbul (Turkey), Slovakia, Paris (France), Mumbai (India), etc. The exhibition was presented in almost 20 countries around the world.

After graduation, a networking session was held where participants could discuss the results of the lecture and share their impressions.

The organizer of the lecture is the International Women’s Union www.iwuorg.com

Information partner – Online publication “Embassy Life” https://embassylife.ru/

We thank the Environment for Our Own space for its help in organizing and holding the event. Photos from Wednesday for your own.

See you soon!

More photos here  https://vk.com/album-211188669_303365173

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